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Austérité budgétaire : remède ou poison ? La zone euro à l'épreuve de la criseMarcel Aloy, Gilles Dufrénot, Anne Péguin-Feissolle and Michel Aglietta, 2017-10, 150 pages, ATLANDE, 2017
Optimal Estimation Strategies for Bivariate Fractional Cointegration Systems and the Co-persistence Analysis of Stock Market Realized VolatilitiesMarcel Aloy and Gilles de Truchis, Computational Economics, Volume 48, Issue 1, pp. 83-104, 2016
A Comparison of the Fed’s and ECB’s Strategies during the Subprime CrisisMarcel Aloy and Gilles Dufrénot, W. A. Barnett and F. Jawadi (Eds.), 2015-07, Volume 24, pp. 419-449,Chapitre12, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2015
Is financial repression a solution to reduce fiscal vulnerability? The example of France since the end of World War IIMarcel Aloy, Gilles Dufrénot and Anne Péguin-Feissolle, Applied Economics, Volume 46, Issue 6, pp. 629-637, 2014
Shift-Volatility Transmission in East Asian Equity Markets: New IndicatorsMarcel Aloy, Gilles de Truchis, Gilles Dufrénot and Benjamin Keddad, Gilles Dufrénot, Fredj Jawadi and Waël Louhichi (Eds.), 2014, pp. 273-291, Springer International Publishing, 2014
Long-run relationships between international stock prices: further evidence from fractional cointegration testsMarcel Aloy, Mohamed Boutahar, Karine Gente and Anne Péguin-Feissolle, Applied Economics, Volume 45, Issue 7, pp. 817-828, 2013
A smooth transition long-memory modelMarcel Aloy, Gilles Dufrénot, Charles Lai-Tong and Anne Péguin-Feissolle, Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp. 281-296, 2013
Purchasing power parity and the long memory properties of real exchange rates: Does one size fit all?Marcel Aloy, Mohamed Boutahar, Karine Gente and Anne Péguin-Feissolle, Economic Modelling, Volume 28, Issue 3, pp. 1279-1290, 2011
Fractional integration and cointegration in stock prices and exchange ratesMarcel Aloy, Mohamed Boutahar, Karine Gente and Anne Péguin-Feissolle, Economics Bulletin, Volume 30, Issue 1, pp. 115-129, 2010
The role of demography in the long-run Yen/USD real exchange rate appreciationMarcel Aloy and Karine Gente, Journal of Macroeconomics, Volume 31, Issue 4, pp. 654-667, 2009
Fiscal Policy and Growth: an Application to Sub Saharan EconomiesMarcel Aloy, Blanca Moreno-Dodson and Gilles Nancy, Proceedings. Annual Conference on Taxation and Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the National Tax Association, Volume 95, pp. 300-307, 2002
Cycles de change et choix d'investissement en incertitudeGilles Nancy, Marcel Aloy and L. Gonçalves, Recherches économiques de Louvain, Volume 59, Issue 1/2, pp. 235-256, 1993