FEMISE in the Top100 of the world's "Best Think Tank Networks"

The Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Economic Institutes (FEMISE) is a network of research institutes in the North and South of the Mediterranean, counting more than 100 members, including AMSE. It is coordinated by Institut de la Méditerranée (Marseille, France) and the Economic Research Forum (Cairo, Egypt). FEMISE's vocation is not only to encourage applied research on Euro-Mediterranean issues, but also to act as a platform between academics and economic policy issues.

The agenda of research and projects is articulated around the following four main themes: (i) North-South and South-South Trade Integration, (ii) Private Sector Development and Innovation Potential, (iii) Climate, Environment and Energy Transition and, (iv) Inclusiveness. In each theme, FEMISE has developed partnerships with civil society actors and/or specialized organizations (for example, Plan Bleu, Energies2050, MEDECC, the Mediterranean Youth Climate Network for climate issues, or SDSN France, Beyond Reform and Development, AltaFeminina for social entrepreneurship or with PEP for strengthening research). The think tank also collaborates with the leading institutions concerned with such issues in the Mediterranean and, recently, in Africa, such as the African Development Bank (ADB), the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), the United Nations, the Banque Maghébine d’Investissement et de Commerce Extérieur (BMICE), the EBRD, etc. We are also present on key international events, such as MedCop, as well as COP23 and 24.

FEMISE is funded primarily by the European Commission (DGNEAR), but increasingly diversifies its sources of funding. For instance, it recently received AfDB funding and has just won a call for tenders from DG Trade. The think tank is chaired by Ibrahim El Badawi (Managing Directo rat ERF) and is scientifically coordinated by Patricia Augier, Professor at Aix-Marseille University and Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMSE). The team also includes Maryse Louis (GM, located in Cairo), Constantin Tsakas (co-GM, located in Marseille), Dalia Seif (located in Cairo) and Jocelyn Ventura (ex AMSE student, located in Marseille).

In addition to AMSE's membership in FEMISE, there are many links between the two organizations: FEMISE welcomes AMSE trainees or recommends them to its partners, AMSE researchers are involved in the calls for tenders to which FEMISE responds. FEMISE also funded a study, published in August 2018, on the Assessment of Macroeconomic and Welfare Effects of Universal Health Coverage in Palestine, led by Mohammad Abu-Zaineh (AMU, AMSE). A Policy Brief written by Vera Danilina and Federico Trionfetti on "Green Public Procurement vs. Environmental Taxation: Implications for EU-MENA Environmental Policy" is under preparation.

The various publications (research reports, Policy Brief) are available on the FEMISE website: www.femise.org 

Femise's activities can be followed on Twitter: @femisenetwork 

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