Research council

The council is composed of:

  • The director and research director of Amse, ex officio,
  • Leading external researchers.


Tony Atkinson

Nuffield College, Oxford University



David Bloom

Harvard School of Public Health


Joan Esteban

Institut d'Anàlisi Economica (CSIC) and Barcelona GSE


Jacques Thisse

Université Catholique de Louvain


George Evans

University of Oregon

Sanjeev Goyal

University of Cambridge

Amse research council duties and authorities

The council’s duties and authorities include:


  • The assessment of the quality of the research output and activities at Amse,
  • The advice and guidance on priority research lines and initiatives within the streams of the Amse founding project,
  • The supervision of the evaluation process of research applications within the Amse project,
  • And advice on academic recruitment in Amse.

The council may resort to external referees to perform its research assessment and supervision tasks.