Sesstim - Economy & social sciences, health care systems & societies
Director: Jean-Paul Moatti
Co-directors:  Roch Giorgi, Patrick Perettie-Watel, Yolande Obadia, Pierre Verger
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Research Unit UMR 912 SESSTIM (INSRM-IRD-Aix-Marseille University/AMU) consists of three teams in social and economic sciences (SES) as well as social epidemiology, focusing on applications in the field of: cancer (Team 1 CAN-BIOS); infectious and transmissible diseases (Team 2 ESSEM); and, aging (Team 3 CRISSPOP).

Following previous research from unit UMR 379 INSERM/University (1994-2007) and from the ex-unit UR002 of the IRD (2001-2007), SESSTIM tries to inspire a new dynamic in multidisciplinary research in areas of common interest regarding health (e.g. innovations in Pharmacogenomics and Oncology, antiviral therapies for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, and health policies towards people living with chronic diseases or disabilities). These new developments especially focus on three specific areas:

First, the field of research has been extended to include the problems of public health and healthcare systems in Developing Countries (notably through the fusion of the ex-unit UR002 “Actors and healthcare systems in Africa” within the framework of Team 2)

Second, the three teams work on common cross-sectional problems:

a) Analysis of the consequences of the structural tendency of “chronicisation” of disease risk and its consequences under the combined effects of demographic aging, growing prevalence of chronic diseases and biomedical advances.

b) Problems in relations between developed and developing countries regarding health.

c) The measurement of health inequalities and their associated social and economic determinants.

Finally, SESSTIM is a full participant in the current effort to renew interdisciplinarity within the social and economic sciences applied to health, by facilitating cross-fertilization of advanced quantitative and qualitative methodologies for data collection and data analysis.