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A Dynamic Theory of The Balassa-Samuelson EffectBook chapterHarutaka Takahashi and Alain Venditti, In: Topical Issues in International Development and Economics, 2023-12-04, pp. 333-343, 2023

The Balassa-Samuelson effect is still an important phenomenon in the theory of economic development, as Balassa states, "As economic development is accompanied by greater inter-country differences in the productivity of tradable goods, differences in wages and service prices increase, and correspondingly so do differences in purchasing power parity and exchange rates." To the best of our knowledge, the Balassa-Samuelson effect has not been formally examined in the framework of optimal growth theory. By embedding the Balassa-Samuelson's original model in an optimal growth model setting, we investigate the validity of the Balassa-Samuelson effect in such a case and show that the Balassa-Samuelson effect follows from one of the properties of the optimal steady state.

The Bayesian approach to poverty measurementBook chapterMichel Lubrano and Zhou Xun, In: Research Handbook on Measuring Poverty and Deprivation, J. Silber (Eds.), 2023-03, Volume 8, pp. 475-487, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2023

This chapter reviews the recent Bayesian literature on poverty measurement together with some new results. Using Bayesian model criticism, we revise the international poverty line. Using mixtures of lognormals to model income, we derive the posterior distribution for the FGT, Watts and Sen poverty indices, for TIP curves (with an illustration on child poverty in Germany) and for Growth Incidence Curves. The relation of restricted stochastic dominance with TIP and GIC dominance is detailed with an example based on UK data. Using panel data, we decompose poverty into total, chronic and transient poverty, comparing child and adult poverty in East Germany when redistribution is introduced. When panel data are not available, a Gibbs sampler can be used to build a pseudo panel. We illustrate poverty dynamics by examining the consequences of the Wall on poverty entry and poverty persistence in occupied West Bank.

L’économie des invasions biologiques : vers une hiérarchisation des stratégies de gestionBook chapterPierre Courtois, Charles Figuières, César Martinez, Gaël Thébaud and Alban Thomas, In: Crises sanitaires en agriculture, C. Lannou, J-Y. Rasplus, S. Soubeyrand, M. Gautier and J-P. Rossi (Eds.), 2023-01, pp. 238-250, Éditions Quae, 2023