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The quest to expand the coverage of public health insurance in the occupied Palestinian territory: an assessment of feasibility and sustainability using a simulation modelling frameworkSameera Awawda, Mohammad Abu-Zaineh et Bruno Ventelou, The Lancet, Volume 393, pp. S17, 2019
Child Income Appropriations as a Disease-Coping Mechanism: Consequences for the Health-Education RelationshipRenaud Bourlès, Bruno Ventelou et Maame Esi Woode, The Journal of Development Studies, Volume 54, Issue 1, pp. 57-71, 2018
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Decisional needs assessment of patients with complex care needs in primary care: a participatory systematic mixed studies review protocolMathieu Bujold, Pierre Pluye, France Légaré, Jeannie Haggerty, Genevieve C. Gore, Reem El Sherif, Marie-Ève Poitras, Marie-Claude Beaulieu, Marie-Dominique Beaulieu, Paula L. Bush, et al., BMJ Open, Volume 7, Issue 11, pp. e016400, 2017
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L’informalité est-elle un choix ? Éléments de preuve à partir d’une évaluation contingente pour l’assurance sociale en TunisieKhaled Makhloufi, Christel Protière et Bruno Ventelou, Journal de gestion et d'economie medicales, Volume 35, Issue 4-5, pp. 209-237, 2017
Le panel de médecins généralistes de ville : éclairages sur les enjeux de la médecine de premier recours d’aujourd’huiPierre Verger, Aurélie Bocquier, Marie-Christine Bournot, Jean-François Buyck, Hélène Carrier, Hélène Chaput, Julien Giraud, Thomas Hérault, Simon Filippi, Claire Marbot, et al., Revue française des affaires sociales, Issue 3, pp. 213-235, 2017
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Take the Money and Run? Hypothetical Fee Variations and French GPs’ Labour SupplyOlivier Chanel, Alain Paraponaris, Christel Protière et Bruno Ventelou, Revue Économique, Volume 68, Issue 3, pp. 357-377, 2017
Validation of a short-form questionnaire to check patients’ adherence to antibiotic treatments in an outpatient settingCarole Treibich et Bruno Ventelou, European Journal of Public Health, Volume 27, Issue 6, pp. 978-980, 2017
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Socioeconomic inequalities in informal payments for health care: An assessment of the ‘Robin Hood’ hypothesis in 33 African countriesHyacinthe T. Kankeu et Bruno Ventelou, Social Science & Medicine, Volume 151, Issue C, pp. 173-186, 2016
The true impact of the French pay-for-performance program on physicians’ benzodiazepines prescription behaviorAudrey Michel-Lepage et Bruno Ventelou, The European Journal of Health Economics, Volume 17, Issue 6, pp. 723-732, 2016
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