Kenza Elass

Empirical & Econometric Methods Session

Kenza Elass

Tax and benefit microsimulation models: Euromod & Openfisca
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Mercredi 16 décembre 2020| 16:00

Julieta Peveri : julieta.peveri[at]
Bertille Picard : bertille.picard[at]
Mathias Silva : mathias.silva-vazquez[at]


Tax and benefit microsimulation models empirically contribute to public policies evaluation. The upcoming session of the Empirical & Econometric Methods Sessions reviews two models, namely Euromod and Openfisca. Euromod is a software modelling taxes and benefits for 28 European states, while Openfisca is an open-source platform with systems publicly available for six territories (France, New Zealand, Barcelona, Tunisia, Italy, Senegal). I will discuss their features, advantages as well as limitations.