Mathilde Valero

Séminaires internes
phd seminar

Mathilde Valero

Intergenerational support and parental investment decisions in offsprings: education and marriage in Tanzania

IBD Salle 16

Îlot Bernard du Bois - Salle 16

5-9 boulevard Maurice Bourdet
13001 Marseille

Mardi 12 février 2019| 12:30 - 13:15

Océane Piétri : oceane.pietri[at]
Morgan Raux : morgan.raux[at]
Laura Sénécal : laura.senecal[at]


In developing countries with limited markets for credit and insurance, parents generally choose to invest in their future in the form of children as children potentially become a source of income for old age. This paper investigates whether parents have incentives to marry better their offsprings in order to receive assistance. Particularly, do such incentives vary by child's gender in a society with bride price payments? To do so, we exploit individual data on marriage, monetary transfers and in-kind services within the extended family from a rural region of Tanzania. The quality of the marriage, a predicted outcome for wealth and bargaining power within the household, might influence the ability of adult children to give or receive transfers in the family. Differences in education and parental characteristics between spouses are used as a proxy for marriage quality or assortative matching. The results are still in progress.