Tanguy van Ypersele


Tanguy van Ypersele

The origins of human pro-sociality: A test of cultural group selection on economic data and in the laboratory
Co-écrit avec
Patrick François, Thomas Fujiwara

Château Lafarge

Château Lafarge - Salle de séminaires
Château Lafarge
Route des Milles
13290 Les Milles
Jeudi 27 avril 2017| 12:30 - 13:45

Ugo Bolletta : ugo.bolletta2[at]unibo.it
Mathieu Faure : mathieu.faure[at]univ-amu.fr


Human pro-sociality towards non-kin is ubiquitous and almost unique in the animal kingdom. It remains poorly understood though a proliferation of theories has arisen to explain it. We present evidence strongly consistent with a set of theories based on group level selection of cultural norms favouring pro-sociality. The evidence is drawn from survey data and from laboratory treatment of experimental subjects. The findings provide support for cultural group selection as a significant contributor to human pro-sociality.

One Sentence Summary:  Consistent with theories of cultural group selection, increases in competition increase trust levels of individuals who: 1. work in competing firms, 2. live in states were competition increases, 3. move to sectors where competition rises and, in the lab, get placed into groups facing higher competition.