The study of a world in crisis is divided into three areas: economic crises and the new foundations of the macroeconomy after the 2008 crisis, global transformations (development, democratic transitions, migrations, growth) and public action to address environmental and health crises. 4 methodological fields of excellence are mobilized for this purpose: Quantitative macroeconomics and macrodynamics; Network theory; Econometrics of time series, panel data; Big data.
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Identifying price reviews by firms: an econometric approach

Mark N. Harris & Hervé Le Bihan & Patrick Sevestre, 2020, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, vol. 52 (2–3)
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Reducing inequalities among unequals

Mathieu Faure & Nicolas Gravel, 2021, International Economic Review, vol. 62(1), 357-404
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Labor market shocks and youths’ time allocation in egypt: where does women’s empowerment come in?

Marion Dovis & Patricia Augier & Clémentine Sadania, 2021, Economic Development and Cultural Change, InPress
Part of the research was done while Clémentine Sadania was doing a PhD at AMSE under the supervision of Patricia Augier and Marion Dovis. Clémentine is now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Mannheim