The study of a world in crisis is divided into three areas: economic crises and the new foundations of the macroeconomy after the 2008 crisis, global transformations (development, democratic transitions, migrations, growth) and public action to address environmental and health crises. 4 methodological fields of excellence are mobilized for this purpose: Quantitative macroeconomics and macrodynamics; Network theory; Econometrics of time series, panel data; Big data.
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God insures those who pay? Formal insurance and religious offerings in Ghana

Emmanuelle Auriol, Julie Lassébie, Amma Panin, Eva Raiber, Paul Seabright, 2020, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 135 (4), p.1799-1848.
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Ongoing research on Covid-19 at AMSE

By AMSE members
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The curse of knowledge: access to customer information can reduce monopoly profits

Didier Laussel & Ngo V. Long & Joana Resende, 2020, RAND Journal of Economics, vol. 51(3), p. 650-675.
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Weather shocks

Ewen Gallic & Gauthier Vermandel, 2020, European Economic Review, vol. 124(C).
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Aix-Marseille University 2020 thesis prize

Samuel Kembou Nzale, former PhD AMSE, was awarded a thesis prize for his research work entitled "Essays on healthcare providers’ incentives and motivations".