The study of a world in crisis is divided into three areas: economic crises and the new foundations of the macroeconomy after the 2008 crisis, global transformations (development, democratic transitions, migrations, growth) and public action to address environmental and health crises. 4 methodological fields of excellence are mobilized for this purpose: Quantitative macroeconomics and macrodynamics; Network theory; Econometrics of time series, panel data; Big data.
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Alain Trannoy has been awarded the 2023 Maurice Allais Prize in Economic Science

Alain Trannoy (EHESS, AMSE), along with his co-authors, has been awarded the 2023 Maurice Allais Prize in Economic Science for their article "Land is back, it should be taxed, it can be taxed," published in May 2021 in the European Economic Review.
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Fanny Henriet appointed to the Conseil d'analyse économique

Fanny Henriet (PSE, CNRS, visiting AMSE) has just been appointed to the Conseil d'Analyse Economique (CAE). Congratulations Fanny!
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Bakhtawar Ali received the 2023 Best Paper Award from the IOEA

Bakhtawar Ali, PhD student at AMSE, recently received the 2023 Best Paper Award from the prestigious Institutional and Organizational Economics Academy IOEA for his paper “A Travesty of Justice: Unintended Consequences of Anti-Corruption Efforts”. Congrats Bakhtawar!
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Alain Trannoy, Winner of the 2023 AFSE Prize - Special mentions from the jury

Alain Trannoy (EHESS / AMSE) and Étienne Wasmer (Sciences Po Paris / NYUAD) explain why urban land has become considerably more valuable over the last thirty years, and propose a fiscal revolution to concile social justice and economic efficiency.
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Fanny Henriet, CNRS bronze medal

Fanny Henriet, PSE faculty, CNRS researcher, and AMSE visiting from September 2022 until September 2023, has just received the 2023 CNRS bronze medal.