PhD Placement for the year 2022

AMSE is proud to present the PhD placement this year.
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June 29th 2022

Does a Denser City Mean a Greener City?

New Delhi, Jakarta, Mexico City, and Tokyo are all globally celebrated cities, but their population density is most often associated with polluted, unbreathable air and a heavy atmosphere. However, promoting denser urban areas could actually lower emissions per capita.
June 21st 2022

AMSE Newsletter n°15

Discover Olivier Chanel's perspective on air pollution and health, recent scientific publications and news from the school
June 15th 2022

Exchange Rate Targeting in Sub-Saharan Africa: Real, Nominal, or Mixed?

Poorly diversified and indebted, the economies of Sub-Saharan Africa are vulnerable to external shocks. What strategies do central banks choose to deal with these shocks and to meet economic objectives that are, at first glance, irreconcilable?

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