Data science for professionals

The objective of this training program is to enable trainees to acquire the necessary skills in data science and machine learning to apply them to real-world problems in the business world.

This programme addresses the challenges of decision-making statistics. It is intended for professionals with a basic background in statistics who wish to update and enhance their knowledge to:

  • Learn to manipulate computer tools for collecting and managing large volumes of data.
  • Understand new machine learning concepts to support the company in data exploitation and decision-making.
  • Develop the technical and practical skills of professionals in machine learning.

The courses offered in the program cover the main computer tools of data science (Python, databases, R, etc.) and classical and modern methods in machine learning (decision trees, random forests, neural networks, etc.).

The courses are divided into formal presentations and practical exercises.

A project application on a real case study, supervised by a professional tutor, is proposed to each trainee, spanning the three months of the program and culminating in an oral defense.



  • Upgrade 01 - Programming Basics
  • Upgrade 02 - Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Upgrade 03 - Econometrics
  • Module M1 - Python for data science
  • Module M2 - SQL
  • Module M3 - Big data tools
  • Module M4 - NoSQL
  • Module M5 - Machine learning
  • Module M6 - Advanced Machine Learning
  • Module M7 - Text mining - NLP
  • Module M8 - Using APIs, open source and webscraping
  • Module M9 - Practice of data science, ethical and legal dimensions
  • Module M10 - Application project


Who can apply?

Employees on fixed-term or permanent contracts, temporary workers, adults returning to school or retraining, with knowledge in statistics and/or econometrics, with an interest in data and wishing to update and enrich their knowledge.

How to apply?

Applications are open until end January 2024. Please send an email to

Practical information

Teacher-researchers and qualified professionals are part of the teaching team. The teaching includes lectures, tutorials, practical work, and application projects.

Place of training

AMSE School
5 bd Maurice Bourdet
13001 Marseille

The site is located 50 m from the Marseille Saint-Charles train station.


Pedagogical manager: Badih Ghattas
Email: badih.ghattas[at]