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At the interface between academic research and society, AMSE disseminates economic knowledge to non-academic audiences by:
- making the results of research accessible to everyone through its digital journal, Dialogues économiques, which publishes articles, videos and infographics,
- organizing outreach events (conferences, festivals, exhibitions),
- supporting researchers to contributing to the public debate (journalistic writing, press relations).
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Polygamy and education in Africa: an unusual couple

In the 1950s, West Africa was on the eve of decolonisation. In a last gasp of imperialism, the French and British opened up public services and developed mass education. Over the same period, polygamy declined throughout the region. Economic researchers are asking whether there is a link between the level of education and this marital status.
Reference: André P., Dupraz Y., 2023, « Education and polygamy : Evidence from Cameroon. Journal of Development Economics », 162, 103068.
February 28th 2024
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Are we getting used to terrorism?

Using data from French health centers from 2015 to 2016, years marked by terrorist attacks, a team of researchers found that depressive symptoms decreased as events unfolded.
Reference: Blasco S., Moreno Galbis E., Tanguy J.,2022, " Getting used to terrorist threats? Evidence from French terrorist attacks between 2015 and 2016 ", Health Economics, 31(3), 508-540.
February 14th 2024
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"When will property tax disappear?"

Only in French - Op-ed article by Alain Trannoy (EHESS/AMSE) published by Les Echos.
February 01st 2024
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"We support the distribution of a "climate payment" to every French household".

Only in French | An op-ed published by Le Monde written by six researchers, including Fanny Henriet (CNRS/AMSE)
January 29th 2024
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Education and inequality

Only in French - "Education et inégalités" une conférence pédagogique du chercheur Stéphane Benveniste (INED) dans le cadre du cycle Sciences Echos.
January 29th 2024
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Collège de France's Innovation Campus for secondary schools

Only in French - The AMSE 'Sciences Echos' and 'Dialogues Economiques' videos, among the resources of the Collège de France's Innovation Campus for high schools.
January 26th 2024
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Urbanization, source of ideas and growth

Urbanisation is usually viewed as the result of rising productivity that attracts workers to cities. Economists Liam Brunt and Cecilia García-Peñalosa argue that in order to understand the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, it is important to look at this phenomenon from the opposing perspective: productivity gains and growth are fostered by the exchanges of knowledge taking place within cities.
Reference: Brunt L., García-Peñalosa C., 2022, « Urbanisation and the Onset of Modern Economic Growth ». The Economic Journal, 132 (642), 512-545
January 17th 2024
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"Gender inequalities in the labour market deserve to be analysed in detail if they are to be reduced"

Only in French | An interview of Cecilia Garcia Peñalosa (CNRS/EHESS/AMSE) published by Pôle emploi.
December 12th 2023
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Explaining the narrowing of the gender gap in lifetime earnings

An article by Cecilia García Peñalosa (CNRS/EHESS/AMSE) and co-authors published on the Banque de France website.
December 11th 2023
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Children's skills: the crucial role of interaction with parents

Although little studied in economics, the parent-child relationship is a crucial subject, intimately linked to fundamental socio-economic issues such as inequality, growth and education. Researcher Avner Seror looks at the nature of this interaction and the impact of screens within it.
Reference: Seror, A., 2022, « "Child Development in Parent-Child Interactions », Journal of Political Economy, 130(9), 2462‑2499.
December 08th 2023