Our commitments

Policy and guidance on discrimination, harassment, sexist and sexual violence

The Graduate School of Research (GSR) Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMSE) and its members are committed, through this charter, to promoting equality among all people, regardless of: origin, gender, family status, pregnancy, physical appearance, vulnerability resulting from economic situation (apparent or known to the perpetrator), surname, place of residence, state of health, loss of autonomy, disability (visible or not), genetic characteristics, morals, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, political opinions, union activities, whistle-blower status, ability to express oneself in a language other than French, membership or non-membership (real or supposed) of an ethnic group, nation, alleged race or religion.

This charter marks AMSE's commitment to combat discrimination, harassment, and sexual and gender-based violence. In no case does it replace the legal provisions currently in force. This charter is the reference document that shall guide the actions of each and every AMSE member. Each one of us undertakes to become acquainted with it and to follow its principles. AMSE commits to ensuring that this charter is applied fairly to all its members and visitors, regardless of rank or position.

This charter applies to all members of AMSE. It is also intended to apply to any person who may be involved in the life of AMSE. AMSE is committed to ensuring that this charter applies equally to all its members and visitors, regardless of their level.

Thus, AMSE and its members are committed to promoting the implementation of this charter through clear and accessible information (on laws and jurisdictions) and awareness-raising (training sessions and access to information). AMSE will carry out these actions in collaboration with the Respect and Equality Department (Service pour le Respect et l'Égalité) of Aix-Marseille University.