AMSE graduate school is a department of the Faculty of economics and management within Aix-Marseille University, combining the high scientific standards of a university with the rigorous learning environment of a French grande école. It brings together rigorous selectivity, research-based pedagogy, world class support to students, interdisciplinary curricula, strong connections with the business community and international visibility.AMSE provides world class programs in Economics focusing on: empirical and theoretical economics, economic policy analysis, quantitative finance and insurance, and econometrics-big data-statistics, and awards Master (a 2-year programme), Magistère (a 3-year programme), and PhD degrees. 

AMSE train economists who master the tools of economic analysis together with statistics and big data.
One of Aix-Marseille University's PhD programmes, it is overseen by the École Doctorale de Sciences Economiques et de Gestion d'Aix-Marseille.
PhD student attend a range of courses including economics, as well as interdisciplinary and profession-oriented courses.
Our young PhD graduates find a job in France and internationally, in both the private and the public sectors.