AMSE graduate school is a department of the Faculty of economics and management within Aix-Marseille University. AMSE combines the high scientific standards of a university with the rigorous learning environment of a French grande école. It brings together rigorous selectivity, research-based pedagogy, world class support to students, strong connections with the business community and international visibility. AMSE awards Master (a 2-year programme), Magistère (a 3-year programme), and PhD degrees.
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DESU data science for professionals and young graduates

Based on its experience in initial training oriented towards Big Data, AMSE offers a short program of 10 modules of continuing education in Data Science which gives a Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Universitaires (DESU) delivered by Aix-Marseille University - only in French.

COVID - Rules applicable to people coming from countries identified as circulation areas

We have received, from the Prime Minister, instruction n°6204/SG concerning external borders and rules applicable to people coming from countries identified as circulation areas for SARS-CoV-2 infection and bring it to your attention.
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New doctoral students

We are pleased to welcome new students to our research center.
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INFO academic year - Health & safety

As of today, the academic year starting in September 2020 is scheduled to begin in the classroom.
The wearing of masks will be mandatory, including during classes.

International students - 2020 fall term

Depending on boarders re-opening and visas obtentions, all international students who arrived in France will be allowed to join the AMU community and attend their 2020 Fall Semester.