How can technology help limit climate change?

Dialogues économiques
At a time when "carbon neutrality" is the central theme of international climate conferences, a team of economists is studying ways that could make this goal a reality.
May 07th 2024

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Building your identity on a minefield

Can mining influence the way in which we identify ourselves? According to economists Nicolas Berman, Mathieu Couttenier and Victoire Girard, mining in Africa may intensify feelings of ethnic belonging, by generating feelings of deprivation among the local population. Mining could therefore help explain ethnic fragmentation and certain conflicts observed in Sub-Saharan Africa.
June 05th 2024
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Les bénéfices écologiques d'une économie punitive

Only in French - Op-ed article by Alain Trannoy (EHESS / AMSE) published by Les Echos
May 30th 2024
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Interview of Fanny Henriet

Only in French | Fanny Henriet (CNRS / AMSE) nominated for the Prix du meilleur jeune économiste 2024, which rewards excellence in research and its contribution to public debate.
May 28th 2024