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Dialogues économiques is taking its summer break and looks forward to seeing you on September 1st ! To keep you waiting until then, the online magazine offers you a selection of articles to (re)read...
July 20th 2021

This week, two Dialogues économiques articles to discuss the topic of regulation

Can the market be ethical?

Combining markets and ethics isn’t easy, and the numerous frauds and scams that intervene at regular intervals don’t help. Should we be looking for more competition to reach efficiency or, on the contrary, seeking market regulation? To respond to this dilemma, economist Marie Claire Villeval uses experimental tools....Read the article

Once upon a time in the Wild West : The Good, the Bad and the State

Talking about the Gold Rush and the Wild West immediately conjures up fortune seekers and anarchy, but certainly not economic analysis. Yet economists, among them Marc Sangnier, have demonstrated how the presence of state institutions significantly reduced criminality in these areas, both back then and ever since, using data on mining in the Great American West. But what about the violence prevalent in states (or regions) before state institutions were established to ensure some form of property rights regulation?...Read the article



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How to fight tax fraud ?

In this book, economists Nicolas Jacquemet (Univ. Paris 1 / PSE), Stéphane Luchini (CNRS / AMSE) and Antoine Malézieux (Univ. Exeter / TARC) analyze tax fraud through the prism of behavioral economics. Available in French bookstores.
September 01st 2020
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Let’s (De)Centralize Public Goods!

Should we favor large metropolises over small communities? According to standard economic theory, the answer is yes, since centralizing helps reduce expenses. However, when public authorities lack some of the relevant information, opting for a federal structure that allows redistribution between many small towns may be the way to go. Researchers Nicolas Gravel and Michel Poitevin demonstrate this by studying the distribution of public and private goods in both federal and centralized structures.
September 16th 2020
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French version of Carl Menger's "Principles of Economics"

First complete edition of a major works of contemporary economics. Translated from german (Austria) and edited by Gilles Campagnolo.
September 15th 2020