ASSET 2023: Anastasiia Antonova received the LAGV prize

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Anastasiia Antonova, AMSE PhD candidate, received the Louis André-Gérard-Varet Prize for her paper "State-dependent pricing and cost-push inflation in a production network economy", at the ASSET 2023 conference.

ASSET awards the Louis-André Gérard-Varet prize each year to a young author (either a current graduate student or a recent PhD within two years of graduation) of an outstanding paper singled out by the program committee among those submitted to the ASSET annual meeting. The recipient of the prize must be attending the annual meeting, and in the case of co-authored papers, all authors must be individually eligible.

This prize is in memory of ASSET’s first elected president Louis-André Gérard-Varet, who passed away in January 2001. Louis-André Gérard-Varet was Directeur d’Études at EHESS, and Director of GREQAM in Marseille. He was the ASSET's president from 1997 to 1999.