Data and RIsk Modelling Game, DRiM Game, Deloitte

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A team of AMSE and ECM students enrolled in our Master Economics, Quantitative Finance and Insurance track, took part recently in the DRIM Game organized by DELOITTE; They finished on the 3rd step of the podium. Congratulations to Joseph ABOU CHACRA, Abdoul Salam DIALLO, Emile Peyre and Justine VINAY!

The DRIM Game brought together students around Data Science, more specifically on the business issues of the banking industry, applied to credit risk.

Joseph shares his experience: "My professional project being oriented around Data Science, I took the opportunity of the DRiM Game to discover what a company like RCI can expect from DELOITTE. We were accompanied by Data Science players, such as Gregoire de Lassence (Data Scientist, Big Data Analyst, Associate Professor, SAS) who helped us with SAS software, but not with the strategy to adopt during the game, of course. It was a great experience, I also really appreciated the welcome during the 2 days spent in La Défense. Many thanks to the DELOITTE teams for organizing this project (Hervé Phaure), to RCI for its involvement in the databases to be studied, to SAS for its participation in the project and the help provided to get started with the software. Thanks also to Centrale Marseille and Aix-Marseille School of Economics for having initiated our participation."


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