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As its name suggests, a double degree is the opportunity for students to graduate from two universities (master’s or bachelor’s degrees) through an agreement with a foreign university. AMSE former and current international relations directors, Federico Trionfetti and Karine Gente, set up a double degree with the University of Konstanz in Germany. It got off to a start in September 2019 with the first AMSE students leaving for Konstanz and the first students from Konstanz arriving in September 2020.

Karine Gente manages this partnership and its operational implementation: «we decided to develop a double degree with the University of Konstanz since our Erasmus agreement was being widely used. We were receiving students from Konstanz and sending students to Konstanz on a regular basis. We believe that today, for workers on the European job market, it is a plus to have a degree meeting the standards of both French and German universities».

The University of Konstanz was a natural choice for this first double degree "because our programs in Economics are very similar. In Konstanz, all the teaching at Master’s level is in English, like at AMSE. Plus, in terms of research, we have had a lot of connections with Konstanz for a very long time now. We were already cooperating at the PhD level and financially supported by the Université Franco-Allemande to develop this PhD mobility" adds Karine.


The double degree is organised along simple lines. AMSE students and students from Konstanz spend their first year (M1) in Germany and their second year (M2) in France together. The double degree does not lengthen their studies. It allows the students to spend a full year abroad, not just a semester - a real opportunity!

We believe that today, for workers on the European job market, it is a plus to have a degree meeting the standards of both French and German universities.
Karine Gente

Carla Rombach is a student from Konstanz, enrolled in the double degree programme. She is currently in M2 in Marseille in the Economic Policy Analysis track, « participating in the program gives me a chance to learn in two helpful environments from two different systems - including new topics, new perspectives, administrative structures and a lot of team work ».

An important factor is that the academic calendars are harmonised and the content of the master’s degree offered by Konstanz is similar to that of AMSE. All this ensures seamless integration into the double degree curriculum.


The double degree consists of an academic agreement by validation of ECTS. It is therefore a partnership: AMSE students are registered at Aix-Marseille University, students from Germany are registered at the University of Konstanz. At the end of the two years, the student obtains a diploma from each institution after full and mutual recognition of their learning path at University of Konstanz and at Aix-Marseille University. The diplomas obtained are recognised in both countries.

Financial aid is provided to students within the framework of Erasmus scholarships and, based on academic criteria, they can also obtain a supplement through the Outgoing Mobility Plan offered by Aix-Marseille University.

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Double degree students – 1st cohort September 2019/September 2021


Karine Gente explains that “the programme is aimed at those students of Economics who are particularly motivated. It offers a high degree of flexibility in deciding which subject areas to focus on during their course of studies. The selection of the students is based on academic results and on the level of English (min. B2). Students apply for this degree in February with a letter of application and their transcripts”. And no, the double degree does not require twice as much work, but a high level of commitment from the student. The double-degree programme accepts a maximum of ten students per year, i.e. 5 students from each of the two universities.

Suleyman Sinan, a student from Konstanz currently in M2 at AMSE chose the Double Degree: «to obtain a comparative view and taste of two different university systems and obviously because of multiculturalism, to get a glimpse of life in two different nations.»


It seems that both AMSE and Konstanz students quickly feel at home and at ease in the host university! For Carla Rombach “both cities are quite different, but both are beautiful. Konstanz is a small city with a lot of students and located on the most beautiful lake in Germany, quite close to the Alps. And in Marseille... you live in a real big city with all its advantages, the coast, the sun and the friendly people with their multicultural background”. Ivanna Savonik definitely recommends the city and the University of Konstanz to AMSE students: “Konstanz is a perfect city to live in, especially for students. There is no noise, it is not dangerous at all, the food is cheap. The best thing in the city is the views of Lake Bodensee before your eyes, where you can even swim and relax in summer and have parties sometimes ;)”.


A study period abroad is undoubtedly an asset for the student’s CV and her/his future professional career. This mobility allows students to broaden their horizons, to deal with another way of approaching the discipline, to obtain a different perspective. “With a double degree, students’ skills become fully recognized by the two labour markets. This double degree gives students the combined advantages of being trained directly by firms through a 6-month internship (a characteristic of the French system in professional tracks) and the rigour required to write a Master’s dissertation (a requirement of the Konstanz system whatever the track chosen)” confirms Karine Gente. Likewise, our students who intend to pursue doctoral studies are aware of the intellectual openness that a period of training abroad gives and many of them want to take advantage of it. Mobility abroad is a life experience that goes beyond the academic world. This project allows students not only to improve proficiency in a foreign language but also to acquire real intercultural competence.


A double degree is confirmed with the Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen; it will start in September 2021 (subject to the final approval of the CFVU AMU). A new double-degree project is already under preparation with the University of Lisbon (Catholica Lisbon). Great opportunities for AMSE students to come!

IN BRIEF | Double diploma AMSE-Konstanz

- Curricula enabling students to obtain two master's degrees
- High level academic content allowing the acquisition of fundamentals in economics
- Four tracks of specialisation combining theoretical and professional teaching to prepare for career entry or pursuit of studies to PhD
- Acquisition of intercultural competence


→ This article was issued in AMSE Newletter, Fall 2020.