Preentry event and induction meetings 2021

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Here is the planning of the preentry event and of the induction meetings for all students registered in Magistère Ingénieur Economiste and in Master Economics. Your attendance is compulsory.

September 1: all students

08.15am - Welcome event with the participation of all students, faculties and staff (meeting point: groundfloor Ilot Dubois)
12.30pm - Free lunch offered by the students associations (garden, IBD rue longue des Capucins side of the campus)

September 1: M2/MAG.3 students

1.30pm - Pre-entry meeting MAG.3 (amphitheatre 3rd floor)
2.30pm - Pre-entry meeting M2 and MAG.3 (amphitheatre 3rd floor)
3.45pm - Meetings with the heads of the M2 tracks (ETE in room 15, APE in room 17, EBDS in room 16, FQA in room 21)

September 2: MAG.1 and M1/MAG.2 students

08.30am - Pre-entry meeting MAG.1 (room 21 1st floor)
09.45am - Pre-entry meeting M1 and MAG.2 (amphitheatre 3rd floor), then added short meeting for MAG.2 students only (amphitheatre 3rd floor)


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