Student Association, welcome to the new team

  • Student life

The new team of the student association has been elected recently. New responsibilities are as follows:

  • Laura THONNEAU, President
  • Annabelle FILIP, Treasurer
  • Aurélien DEVILLARD, Secretary
  • Laure PAVARD, in charge of communication
  • Marie BRUGUET, Vice-president
  • Pierre DUMONTEL, Vice-treasuruer
  • Victor PION, Vice-secretary

We know that students are busy; between classes, work, homework, family, friends and other commitments, there can be a lot to balance. So we warmly thank the last members for their active  role and their participation to launching actions and contributing to the development of an AMSE school spirit. We highly encourage all students to take part in the Amso excited events, and in the Junior Data Analyst missions.