Welcome and induction meetings for all students: September 7th

Welcome meetings and induction for all students will take place on Monday, September 7 as follows:

  • Magistère 3: from 8am to 9am - conference room (3rd floor)
  • Master 2 and Magistère 3: from 9am to 10am - conference room (3rd floor)
  • Master 2 and Magistère 3: meetings per tracks from 10am to 11am - EBDS in room 16 (ground floor), ETE in room 17 (ground floor), QFI in room 21 (1st floor) and EPA in room 24 (1st floor)
  • Master 1 and Magistère 2: from 10am to 11am - conference room (3rd floor)
  • Magistère 2: from 11am to 12pm - room 23 (1st floor)
  • Magistère 1: from 11am to 12pm - room 21 (ground floor)

Students attendance is mandatory.

Courses will start on Monday, September 7 in the afternoon. The time schedule will be sent in a couple of weeks.


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