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New Challenges for Macroeconomic Policies: Economic Growth, Sustainable Development, Fiscal and Monetary PoliciesBookGilles Dufrénot, 2023-03, XXIV,451 pages, Springer International Publishing, 2023

This book examines the economic policies that will underpin the evolution of growth in industrialised economies in coming decades. The change in focus of policymakers away from short-term regulation and policies towards problems of structural change is discussed in relation to the Taylor rule and Fisher relationship. Both empirical observations and quantitative analyses are utilised to explore diverse but interrelating topics, including interest rates dynamics, macroeconomic equilibrium, economic vulnerability, poverty and inequality, environmental sustainability, and monetary and fiscal policies.
This book aims to propose policies that can produce economic growth without compromising social stability and environmental balances. It will be of interest to researchers and policymakers working within economic development and policy.