Master - Magistère

AMSE offers a multidisciplinary training programme. Graduates can access immediately seek employment (with 5 years of solid post-secondary study) or considergo on to do a PhD.

At AMSE you can choose from these degrees:

  • Magistère ingénieur économiste degree (prerequisite: high school diploma + 120 ects): the student obtains 3 diplomas in 3 years (a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and the Magistere diploma),
  • Master in Economics degree (prerequisite: Bachelor's degree, 180 ects).


Students benefit from a particularly acheivement-oriented environment:

  • a well-balanced programme kinking theory, applied economics, competence in statistical and econometrics tools and techniques,
  • small classes,
  • genuinely close contact with a dedicated teaching team,
  • tutorials and supervised practical work to enhance learning,
  • active student life,
  • training at an affordable cost.