French version of Carl Menger's "Principles of Economics"

First complete edition of a major works of contemporary economics. Translated from german (Austria) and edited by Gilles Campagnolo.
September 15th 2020
Carl Menger's "Principles of Economics" (1871) are credited with the founding of the Austrian school of economics. The "Principles of Economics" is only available in english and german its original version of 1871. Nonetheless, Menger added commentaries and additions till the 1910's. Gilles Campagnolo searched and translated those manuscripts for 20 years to produce this edited translation.

Carl Menger (1840-1921)

Economist, founder of the Austrian School of Economics. 

Gilles Campagnolo (editor and translator)

Research professor at the CNRS and editor of the "Revue de philosophie économique".

Bertram Schefold (preface writer)

Professor emeritus of the Goethe University Frankfurt

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How to fight tax fraud ?

In this book, economists Nicolas Jacquemet (Univ. Paris 1 / PSE), Stéphane Luchini (CNRS / AMSE) and Antoine Malézieux (Univ. Exeter / TARC) analyze tax fraud through the prism of behavioral economics. Available in French bookstores.
September 01st 2020
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Let’s (De)Centralize Public Goods!

Should we favor large metropolises over small communities? According to standard economic theory, the answer is yes, since centralizing helps reduce expenses. However, when public authorities lack some of the relevant information, opting for a federal structure that allows redistribution between many small towns may be the way to go. Researchers Nicolas Gravel and Michel Poitevin demonstrate this by studying the distribution of public and private goods in both federal and centralized structures.
September 16th 2020
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Rental and eviction: a question of social connections?

Renting an apartment is not always an easy task. Between providing the numerous necessary documents and navigating a competitive rental market, finding a home sometimes becomes a matter of social connections and knowing the right person. It is possible that this problem is linked to the cumbersome legal proceedings necessary for eviction in the case of non-payment of rent by tenants. Eviction procedures can be long and extremely costly, particularly in countries where people have strong ties with family and friends, such as in southern Europe. This correlation is subject to analysis by Antoine Bonleu.
September 02nd 2020