Daniela Arlia

phd seminar

Daniela Arlia

The inequality implications of occupational polarization
Thursday, May 28 2020| 11:00am to 11:45am

Anushka Chawla: anushka.chawla[at]univ-amu.fr
Laura Sénécal: laura.senecal[at]univ-amu.fr
Carolina Ulloa Suarez: carolina.ulloa-suarez[at]univ-amu.fr


A remarkable number of analyses in the field of regional and urban economics seem to agree on the fact that regional convergence, as predicted by the seminal paper by Barro and Sala-i-Martin (1991), has stopped in 1980. Among others, researchers have been identifying the causes of this "Great Divergence" phenomenon in productivity changes, Skill-Biased Technological Changes, international trade competition. The main focus of this research is to understand how occupational polarization has affected local labor supply and local housing markets and which are the indirect effects of changes in these local markets on inequality levels. To do so, I am developing a dynamic spatial equilibrium model starting from the Rosen-Roback framework, which borrows elements from Giannone (2017) and introduces some novel insights from the migration and equality of opportunity literature.

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