Bruno Ventelou

Interdisciplinary seminars
French-Japanese webinar

Bruno Ventelou

Hysteresis in alcohol consumption trajectories after lockdown: the power of time preferences
Joint with
Sophie Massin, Phu Nguyen-Van and Marc Willinger
Friday, January 20 2023| 10:00am to 11:00am

Gilles Dufrénot: gilles.dufrenot[at]
Kiyotaka Sato: sato[at]


Do individual time-preferences play a role in the self-regulation of the consumption trajectories of addictive products? To answer this question, we study alcohol use during the lockdown period and after, at an individual level. In an online survey (N=1038), we asked respondents to quantify their alcohol consumption for three moments: January 2020, May 2020 and September 2021. We revealed time-preferences by the Andreoni-Sprenger elicitation task (properly incentivized), which allows to detect people with a ‘present biased’ profile, with a regular profile, or with future biased profile –mutually exclusive. Using a panel data approach, we tested the presence of a hysteresis effect, i.e. whether the shocks in use which occurred during lockdown lags behind the end of it and the return to normal-life. We found that individuals who are future biased were the only ones who seemed to escape from hysteresis in alcohol consumption. Our conclusion permits to relate economic time-preferences and “resilience” (here, in addictive consumption trajectories).

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