ETE Research Master

The one-year ETE track (Theoretical and Empirical Economics) of the Master in Economics is a research track and constitutes the main entry door to the PhD Program. It provides advanced coursework in economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics), training in research methodology and several electives allowing students to specialize in specific research areas. Students write a master thesis under the close supervision of AMSE faculty. Courses are entirely in English and the Master enjoys an international atmosphere, with foreign students representing on average more than 40% of their cohort.

The teaching program of the ETE track aims at developing a deeper understanding and mastery of the latest developments in economic theory and its methods, as well as the theory and practice of econometrics. It initiates students to research and develops their ability to define and conduct a research project in economics. For most AMSE PhD students, it constitutes the first year of the PhD program.
How to apply to the PhD program?

Links with research

The ETE track of the Master of Economics is carried by the AMSE department of the Faculty of Economics and Management and the AMSE EUR, which gathers together almost a hundred researchers from AMU, CNRS, EHESS and ECM.

The lecturers are selected according to their research expertise. Students will have the opportunity to interact with an outreach faculty at the edge of economic research.


A high-level training in theoretical and empirical economics is necessary to access the training. In particular, applicants need to have validated the first year (M1) of the Master in Economics, or an equivalent Master degree.

Continuation into the AMSE PhD program

At the end of the academic year, students who wish to pursue into the PhD Program defend their master thesis and present a PhD proposal in front of the PhD committee, their supervisor(s) and an AMSE referee. Successful candidates proceed into the PhD program. Since the creation of the ETE Master in 2018, 78% of ETE students who applied to a PhD fellowship succeeded, and are currently working on their PhD at AMSE.

More information about the ETE Master’s curriculum can be found here.

Details on the application procedure can be found here.

Tuition fees

On January 19th 2021, the Board of Administration of Aix-Marseille University approved that all non-EU students will not be subject to differentiated tuition fees for the academic year 2021/2022. This exemption will allow non-EU students to pay the same fees as French or EU students, 243 euros for the academic year.