PhD on-the-job

The "on-the-job" AMSE PhD track is an in-service training. This track allows PhD candidates to write a PhD dissertation while in employment. Among others, our current "on-the-job" PhD candidates hold positions at UN, IMF, INSEE or Crédit Suisse. The objective of candidates enrolled in this Program is to quickly and successfully achieve high quality academic research that is of interest for their professional career. The standard duration of the PhD is 4 years.
How to apply?


As for the classic track, "on-the-job" PhD candidates work under the (co-)supervision of one or two AMSE faculty members. At the end of the first year, the PhD candidate and the supervisor(s) set up a thesis committee which consists of two other researchers, one from AMSE and one external to AMSE. The committee provides additional feedback on the thesis, in particular during the second-year defense, in which it evaluates the progress made in the first couple of years and gives advices for the second part of the PhD.

Annual stay at AMSE

"On-the-job" PhD candidates must spend at least one two (not necessarily consecutive) full week per academic year our Aix-en-Provence or Marseille premises, to meet and work with their advisor(s) and meet other AMSE candidates. They must also present their work once per year at the AMSE PhD seminar. These presentations can take place online.

Pre-defense and final defense

The pre-defense is generally organized around four months before the final defense. The jury is the same at the final defense’s jury, and the entire PhD dissertation is defended behind closed doors. The student can then bring the necessary changes to the thesis before the final, public defense takes place at the end of the fourth year.

Rules and functioning

"On-the-job" PhD candidates are formally enrolled in the Doctorat d’Aix-Marseille Université mention « Sciences Économiques » under the formation continue regime and are subject to the AMSE "on-the-job" PhD charter. PhD candidates enrolled in the "on-the-job" PhD track continue to work from their employer’s office.


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