Short-term visits

AMSE hosts PhD candidates from other institutions, for research stays ranging from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Visiting PhD candidates are provided with a desk and with access to local resources. No financial support is offered for costs related to the visit. Prospective visiting PhD candidates must contact an AMSE faculty member and define with her/him several calendar options for the visit to take place.
Candidates for the visiting program should send to the head of the PhD program, via the AMSE PhD program secretary, an application package containing the following documents:

  • letter of application, including the preferred dates of the stay,
  • detailed CV,
  • supervision agreement by an AMSE researcher.

This package must be sent at least 3 months before the expected start of the stay. If the application is selected, an invitation letter will be sent to the prospective visiting PhD candidate.

4th/5th year grants

AMSE funds one-year fellowships for external doctoral students near the end of their dissertation (4th/5th year). Fellows have access to an office, local resources, and a limited amount of funds to attend conferences. An AMSE scholar with expertise in their research area is assigned as a mentor.

Is there currently a call for applications? More information on the page: How to apply?