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CFA franc-ECO

Only in French - column of Gilles Dufrénot, professor at AMSE and researcher at CEPII center, published in Jeune Afrique magazine, January 7th 2020.
January 09th 2020
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French Pensions Reform

Only in French - Analysis of the economist Alain Trannoy published in Le Monde newspaper, January 8th, 2020
January 09th 2020
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Ambivalent relationship between HIV and education

Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest HIV rate in the world, but there is a lack of public healthcare systems and huge inequalities regarding healthcare. Besides direct impacts on health, the HIV epidemic has side effects on children’s education, affecting parental behaviour around the risk of getting ill, find the economists Renaud Bourlès, Bruno Ventelou, and Maame Esi Wood.
Reference: R. Bourlès, B. Ventelou & M. E. Woode (2017): Child Income, Appropriations as a Disease-Coping Mechanism: Consequences for the Health-Education Relationship, The Journal of Development Studies
January 06th 2020
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Globalization and colonization : a tale of size

There’s a message in people’s changes in height size. During the first globalization period, at the end of the 19th century, Filipinos lost up to 1.5 centimetres compared to their grandparents. This may be evidence of the degradation of living standards and nutrition. Economic growth does not pay off for everyone in the same way, as those who lived in colonized areas know.
Reference: Biological well-being in late nineteenth-century Philippines J.P. Bassino, M. Dovis, J. Komlos, Cliometrica, 2018 
December 18th 2019
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The people of Mali get to grips with the problem of sanitation

Today, 2 billion people still lack basic sanitation access. Although that constitutes a health emergency, the proposed solutions are not always appropriate. Authors Alzua and Djebbari show that involving the community in a sanitation program in the Koulikouro region of Mali leads to shifts in collective practices as families build and start using latrines.  
Reference: AJ Pickering, H Djebbari, C Lopez, M Coulibaly, ML Alzua, 2015, Effect of a community-led sanitation intervention on child diarrhoea and child growth in rural Mali: a cluster-randomised controlled trial, The Lancet Global Health.
December 04th 2019
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"Public credit, a common sense solution to student poverty"

Only in French - With repayments based on their professional income, a system of public credit to students would be a powerful tool for equalizing opportunities, explain, in a column published in Le Monde, the jurist Martin Collet, and the economists Robert Gary-Bobo and Alain Trannoy.
December 26th 2019
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French hospital: resuscitation before operation

Only in French - Column written by Alain Trannoy in Les Echos newspaper. The economist, director of studies in EHESS, proposes ideas for reorganizing the health care system and health professions.
December 11th 2019
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Might taxes impact innovations?

States seek inventors able to revolutionise our future, contributing to progress and new ideas. What fosters and encourages invention? A wide-ranging study presented by Stefanie Stantcheva shows that taxes in the U.S. have a great influence on innovation.
Reference: « Taxation et Innovation in the 20th Century », Ufuk Akcigit (Chicago), John Grigsby (Chicago), Tom Nicholas (Harvard Business School), Stefanie Stantcheva (Harvard)
November 20th 2019
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Free university: reconsidering the French Constitutional Council's decision

Only in French - Analysis of Alain Trannoy, Director of Studies at EHESS, co-written with professors Martin Colley and Robert Gary Bobo, published on Telos platform.
November 27th 2019