At the interface between academic research and society, AMSE disseminates economic knowledge to non-academic audiences by:
- making the results of research accessible to everyone through its digital journal, Dialogues économiques, which publishes articles, videos and infographics,
- organizing outreach events (conferences, festivals, exhibitions),
- supporting researchers to contributing to the public debate (journalistic writing, press relations).
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2020 -2021 Edition - Sciences Echos Lectures

Only in French - The lectures are open to everyone for the 2020-2021 edition! Why do we get into a relationship? What do economics teach us in times of epidemic? Why do we tend to put off our homework until tomorrow? Can the carbon tax be fair? So many questions answered by researchers in economics.
October 05th 2020
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Sciences Echos Conférences scolaires 2019-2020

Sciences Echos is a serie of lectures for a school audience, held by economists from Aix-Marseille School od Economics. Only in French.
December 04th 2019
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Environment, human health and economy: are these objectives inconsistent?

Only in French - Economy is often connected with "firms", "trade" and "the market". Therefore, how to measure the economic benefits of well-being's dimensions such as health, education or the environment that seem to oppose the "laws of the market" ? Dominique Ami, economist at Aix-Marseille University and Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMSE) held a public lecture on this question at Sciences Echos conference for a school audience.
November 19th 2019
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The economy of happiness

Sarah Flèche, co-author of The Origins of Happiness, held a lecture at Sciences Echos conference for a school audience.
November 19th 2019