At the interface between academic research and society, AMSE disseminates economic knowledge to non-academic audiences by:
- making the results of research accessible to everyone through its digital journal, Dialogues économiques, which publishes articles, videos and infographics,
- organizing outreach events (conferences, festivals, exhibitions),
- supporting researchers to contributing to the public debate (journalistic writing, press relations).
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Grandes écoles : 80 fois plus de chances d’admission quand on est enfant d’ancien diplômé

Only in French | In The Conversation, Stéphane Benveniste (INED / AMSE) talks about the chances of admission to French Grandes Ecoles... much higher for the children of former graduates.
January 25th 2023
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The sobering story of the website that attempted to bring unemployment down

In an article published in Vox EU, a team of researchers looks at the results of an online platform that provide tailored advice to jobseekers.
June 21st 2022
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La géographie de la malédiction des ressources naturelles vue du ciel brésilien

Only in French | In The Conversation, Pierre-Guillaume Méon (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Phoebe W. Ishak (AMU / CNRS / AMSE) study the impact of hydrocarbon prices on Brazilian municipalities.
Reference: Ishak P. W., Méon P.-G., "A Resource-rich Neighbor is a Misfortune: The spatial Distribution of the resource Curse in Brazil", forthcoming
May 05th 2022
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The environmental burden of the international job market for economists

Only in English | In a column in Vox EU, Alberto Prati (University of Oxford), Olivier Chanel (CNRS/AMSE) and Morgan Raux (University of Luxembourg) argue that it is time to reassess the environmentally unsustainable recruitment system of the international job market for economist.
January 18th 2022
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Le Grand Retour de la terre dans les patrimoines et pourquoi c'est une bonne nouvelle !

Only in French | In this book, Alain Trannoy (EHESS / AMSE) and Étienne Wasmer (Sciences Po Paris / NYUAD) explain why urban land has become considerably more valuable over the last thirty years, and propose a fiscal revolution to concile social justice and economic efficiency. Available from Odile Jacob on 19 January 2022.
January 18th 2022
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Students prefer 'accredited' schools

In a study published in the Economics of Education Review, Julien Jacqmin (NEOMA Business School) and Mathieu Lefebvre (AMU/FEG/AMSE) looked at the influence of accreditations of business schools on the choice of future french students.
Reference: Jacqmin J., Lefebvre M., 2021, "The effect of International accreditations on students’ revealed preferences : Evidence from French business schools". Economics of Education review, 85, 102192.
January 11th 2022
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Une troisième voie pour améliorer le système de santé français ?

Only in French | In The Conversation, Thomas Barnay (Harvard Medical School / UPEC), Bruno Ventelou (AMU / CNRS / AMSE), Samson Anne Laure (University of Lille) propose ways to improve the French health system.
December 17th 2021
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Measuring the Efficiency of anti-Covid Policies in Europe

Only in English | A study by Ewen Gallic (AMU / CNRS / AMSE), Michel Lubrano (AMU / CNRS / AMSE) and Pierre Michel (AMU / CNRS / AMSE) published in the Journal of Public Economic Theory mesured the efficiency of anti-Covid Policies in Europe.
Reference: Gallic E, Lubrano M, Michel P., 2021, "Optimal lockdowns for COVID-19 pandemics: Analyzing the efficiency of sanitary policies in Europe." J Public Econ Theory.
December 17th 2021
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L'impression 3D (et l’économie) peuvent renforcer l’efficacité de la lutte contre les pandémies

Only in French | A team of researchers, including Gilbert Cette (AMSE/AMU/Banque de France), questions, the relevance of 3D printers as a means of production in times of pandemic
August 26th 2021
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Health effects from heat waves in France: an economic evaluation

A study by Lucie Adélaïde (Santé publique France), Olivier Chanel (AMU/CNRS/AMSE), Mathilde Pascal (Santé publique France) published in the European Journal of Health Economics and Bulletin épidémiologique hebdomadaire assesses the economic impact associated with mortality, morbidity, and loss of well-being during heat waves in France
Reference: Adélaïde L., Chanel O., Pascal M., 2021, "Health effects from heat waves in France: an economic evaluation", The European Journal of Health Economics
July 27th 2021