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Two-thirds of general practitioners say they have to refuse new patients as their preferred doctor

Only in French | In this study published by DREES, Bérengère Davin-Casalena and her co-authors, including Bruno Ventelou (AMU/CNRS/AMSE), take stock of general practitioners' perceptions of the supply of general medicine in their area, and of changes in practices and conditions of practice. Here, we look at how GPs are adapting their practices to cope with the decline in medical demographics, for example, by taking on new patients as GPs.
Reference: Bérengère D., et al,2023. "Les deux tiers des généralistes déclarent être amenés à refuser de nouveaux patients comme médecin traitant" Etude et résultats, DREES
May 26th 2023
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Grandes écoles : 80 fois plus de chances d’admission quand on est enfant d’ancien diplômé

Only in French | In The Conversation, Stéphane Benveniste (INED / AMSE) talks about the chances of admission to French Grandes Ecoles... much higher for the children of former graduates.
January 25th 2023
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The sobering story of the website that attempted to bring unemployment down

In an article published in Vox EU, a team of researchers looks at the results of an online platform that provide tailored advice to jobseekers.
June 21st 2022
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La géographie de la malédiction des ressources naturelles vue du ciel brésilien

Only in French | In The Conversation, Pierre-Guillaume Méon (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Phoebe W. Ishak (AMU / CNRS / AMSE) study the impact of hydrocarbon prices on Brazilian municipalities.
Reference: Ishak P. W., Méon P.-G., "A Resource-rich Neighbor is a Misfortune: The spatial Distribution of the resource Curse in Brazil", forthcoming
May 05th 2022
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The environmental burden of the international job market for economists

Only in English | In a column in Vox EU, Alberto Prati (University of Oxford), Olivier Chanel (CNRS/AMSE) and Morgan Raux (University of Luxembourg) argue that it is time to reassess the environmentally unsustainable recruitment system of the international job market for economist.
January 18th 2022
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Le Grand Retour de la terre dans les patrimoines et pourquoi c'est une bonne nouvelle !

Only in French | In this book, Alain Trannoy (EHESS / AMSE) and Étienne Wasmer (Sciences Po Paris / NYUAD) explain why urban land has become considerably more valuable over the last thirty years, and propose a fiscal revolution to concile social justice and economic efficiency. Available from Odile Jacob on 19 January 2022.
January 18th 2022
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Students prefer 'accredited' schools

In a study published in the Economics of Education Review, Julien Jacqmin (NEOMA Business School) and Mathieu Lefebvre (AMU/FEG/AMSE) looked at the influence of accreditations of business schools on the choice of future french students.
Reference: Jacqmin J., Lefebvre M., 2021, "The effect of International accreditations on students’ revealed preferences : Evidence from French business schools". Economics of Education review, 85, 102192.
January 11th 2022
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Une troisième voie pour améliorer le système de santé français ?

Only in French | In The Conversation, Thomas Barnay (Harvard Medical School / UPEC), Bruno Ventelou (AMU / CNRS / AMSE), Samson Anne Laure (University of Lille) propose ways to improve the French health system.
December 17th 2021
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Measuring the Efficiency of anti-Covid Policies in Europe

Only in English | A study by Ewen Gallic (AMU / CNRS / AMSE), Michel Lubrano (AMU / CNRS / AMSE) and Pierre Michel (AMU / CNRS / AMSE) published in the Journal of Public Economic Theory mesured the efficiency of anti-Covid Policies in Europe.
Reference: Gallic E, Lubrano M, Michel P., 2021, "Optimal lockdowns for COVID-19 pandemics: Analyzing the efficiency of sanitary policies in Europe." J Public Econ Theory.
December 17th 2021
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L'impression 3D (et l’économie) peuvent renforcer l’efficacité de la lutte contre les pandémies

Only in French | A team of researchers, including Gilbert Cette (AMSE/AMU/Banque de France), questions, the relevance of 3D printers as a means of production in times of pandemic
August 26th 2021