At the interface between academic research and society, AMSE disseminates economic knowledge to non-academic audiences by:
- making the results of research accessible to everyone through its digital journal, Dialogues économiques, which publishes articles, videos and infographics,
- organizing outreach events (conferences, festivals, exhibitions),
- supporting researchers to contributing to the public debate (journalistic writing, press relations).
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L'impression 3D (et l’économie) peuvent renforcer l’efficacité de la lutte contre les pandémies

Only in French | A team of researchers, including Gilbert Cette (AMSE/AMU/Banque de France), questions, the relevance of 3D printers as a means of production in times of pandemic
August 26th 2021
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"Ce que cela nous montre, c'est que l'économie est plus dynamique qu'on le pensait"

Only in French | Gilbert Cette (AMSE/AMU/Banque de France) was the guest on the Good Morning Business programme on BFM Business.
August 13th 2021
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Cecilia Garcia-Peñalosa : « Si j’étais présidente… je revaloriserais les enseignants »

Only in French | How can social mobility be increased and gender inequality reduced? In an interview for "Pour l'Éco", Cecilia Garcia-Peñalosa proposes a solution: improve teacher wages and giving more resources to secondary schools.
August 12th 2021
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Health effects from heat waves in France: an economic evaluation

A study by Lucie Adélaïde (Santé publique France), Olivier Chanel (AMU/CNRS/AMSE), Mathilde Pascal (Santé publique France) published in the European Journal of Health Economics and Bulletin épidémiologique hebdomadaire assesses the economic impact associated with mortality, morbidity, and loss of well-being during heat waves in France
Reference: Adélaïde L., Chanel O., Pascal M., 2021, "Health effects from heat waves in France: an economic evaluation", The European Journal of Health Economics
July 27th 2021
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Summer with Dialogues économiques

Dialogues économiques is taking its summer break and looks forward to seeing you on September 1st ! To keep you waiting until then, the online magazine offers you a selection of articles to (re)read...
July 20th 2021
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« Plutôt que de donner une aide financière à la jeunesse, attribuons-lui gratuitement des permis d’émission de CO2 »

Only in French | In an article published in "Le Monde", Nicolas Clootens (AMSE / Ecole Centrale de Marseille) and Dominique Henriet (AMSE / Ecole Centrale de Marseille) propose to allocate free CO2 emission permits to young people.
July 04th 2021
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Making doubt profitable

In May 2021, a French youtuber revealed on social networks that he had been approached by a communication agency to discredit the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Following his statement, other European influencers report receiving an identical proposal. The deal was that they would put forward a pre-written false argument in exchange for a fee. The aim? Likely to promote another vaccine over the German one. This attempt to cast doubt is reminiscent of how industrialists attempt to manipulate public opinion. Economists Yann Bramoullé and Caroline Orset modelled the cost of firms’ manipulation of scientific facts.
Reference: Bramoullé Y., Orset C., 2018, "Manufacturing doubt", Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 90 (C), 119-133
June 30th 2021
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Qui fraude le fisc ? / Who is evading taxes?

Only in French | Nicolas Jacquemet (Université Paris 1 / École d’économie de Paris), Stéphane Luchini (CNRS/AMSE) and Antoine Malézieux (Burgundy School of Business) explain, in an article accessible to all on the website "La vie des idées", how behavioural economics sheds more light on the determinants of tax evasion.
June 28th 2021
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The Economics of Deep Trade Agreements

Only in english | In this eBook, Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) and World Bank bring together leading experts in international trade from academia and policy institutions to provide new analysis on the determinants of deep trade agreements. Freely available from 23 June 2021.
Reference: Fernandes A., Rocha N., Ruta M., ed., 2021, "The Economics of Deep Trade Agreements",CEPR Press, World Bank Group, online
June 24th 2021
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Le système de santé : enjeux et défis

Only in French | This collective work, proposed for the 30th anniversary of the Collège des Economistes de la Santé and coordinated by Thomas Barnay (Université Paris-Est Créteil), Anne-Laure Samson (Université de Lille/LEM), and Bruno Ventelou (AMU/CNRS/AMSE), analyses the main challenges facing the health system. Available online on 24 June and in bookshops on 12 July 2021.
Reference: Barnay T., Samson A-L., Ventelou B., ed, 2021, "Le système de santé : enjeux et défis", Le Collège des Economistes de la santé, Editions ESKA
June 23rd 2021